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Capable - Community Aging in Place Advancing Better Living for Elders
Home-Based Intervention
ABOUT CAPABLE - A client-centered home-based intervention.
CAPABLE is comprised of an occupational therapist intervention (R01 AG13687, Gitlin, PI), a client-centered nurse intervention, home safety, and access handy worker services. Each service synergistically builds on the others by increasing the participant's bio-psych-functional capacity to function at home. This is theorized to avert costly health utilization by increasing medication management, problem-solving ability, strength, balance, nutrition, and home safety, while decreasing isolation, depression, and fall risk.
CAPABLE - is unique because it is client-centric.
Success is defined by the client and measured by a nursing/occupational therapist team. The client decides on functional goals, such as taking a bath or walking to church, as opposed to medical ones, such as reducing blood sugar or blood pressure level. 

CAPABLE breaks down the functional barriers between service providers, allowing a multi-disciplinary approach that best addresses the clients’ need.

We have observed that the change in physical environment stimulates a change in the client’s motivation including:
• Increase in mobility
• Improved functionality
• Capacity to "age in community" for low-income older adults
About Capable, Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders
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CAPABLE is a person-directed, home-based program that addresses both function and healthcare expenses. The four to five-month program integrates services from an occupational therapist (OT), a registered nurse (RN), and a handy worker who work together with the older adult to set goals and direct action plans that change behaviors to improve health, independence, and safety.

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